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December 10, 2010
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Warrior cats by Wolfjesyo Warrior cats by Wolfjesyo
EDIT: People please stop telling me that the Skyclan icon is wrong. I know it already. It's too late to edit it now, since I'm going to make a new Warrior Cats batch soon with the right icon.

EDIT 2: Also, stop telling me that " Omg they have big heads! " or " Lol, they look retarted ". I made this in December, almost a year ago. I improved alot now, if you look at my recent art... -.- I will not reply to these comments anymore, explaining the same thing over and over again.

Some random warrior cats. Yes there are even more, much more cats. But i didnt had enough space to draw them ALL XD
I will make another one another time but first the storyboard for the amv ;)
Anyway i writed a little description of each cat, so hope you enjoy :D

Cat descriptions:

Leopardstar : Former leader of Riverclan, died of
Moonflower : Mother of Bluestar and Snowfur, sister of Goosefeather and mate of Stormtail. Only exists in the super edition Bluestar's Prophecy. Killed by Hawkheart the medicine cat of Windclan.
Snowfur : Daughter of Moonflower and Stormtail, sister of Bluestar, neice of Goosefeather, mate of Thistleclaw, mother of Whitestorm, only exists in the super edition Bluestar's Prophecy, killed by a car.
Hawkfrost : Son of Tigerstar and Sasha, brother of Mothwing and Tadpole, half brother of Brambleclaw and Tawnypelt, the new "Tigerstar" in The New Prophecy series, or simple said the enemy in The New Prophecy. Killed by Brambleclaw.
Brambleclaw : Son of Tigerstar and Goldenflower, brother of Tawnypelt, former mate of Squirrelflight, half brother of Hawkfrost,Tadpole and Mothwing, one of the chosen cats in The New Prophecy. Current deputy of Thunderclan.
Blackstar : Current leader of Shadowclan.
Scourge : Leader of Bloodclan, brother of Socks and Ruby, son of Quince and Jake, half brother of Firestar and Princess, the enemy in The Original series. Killed by Firestar.
Feathertail : Daughter of Graystripe and Silverstream, sister of Stormfur, half sister of Blossomfall, Briarlight and Bumblestripe, one of the chosen cats in The New Prophecy series. Killed by the sharp rocks when risking her life to kill Sharptooth.
Goosefeather : Brother of Moonflower, uncle of Bluestar and Snowfur, medicine cat in Bluestar's Prophecy, only exists in Bluestar's Propecy, dies from old age/illness.
Sharpclaw : Current deputy of Skyclan, only exists in Firestar's Quest and Skyclan's Destiny.
Longtail : Son of Patchpelt and Robinwing, half brother of Dustpelt, Ravenpaw and Graystripe, became blind by a rabbit which scratched in his eyes. Died when his body got twisted during a tree falling.
Badgerpaw : A too young made apprentice, died in a battle with Windclan. Son of Fernshade.
Bluestar : Daughter of Moonflower and Stormtail, sister of Snowfur, neice of Goosefeather, aunt of Whitestorm, mate of Oakheart, mother of Mistystar, Mosskit and Stonefur, former leader of Thunderclan, died from exhaustion while drowning.
Darkstar : Former leader of Skyclan.
Leafstar : Current leader of Skyclan, mate of Billystorm. Only exists in the super editions Firestar's Quest and Skyclan's Destiny.
Cloudstar : Leader of ancient Skyclan.
Spottedleaf : Daughter of Adderfang and Swiftbreeze, half sister of Patchpelt, Redtail, Leopardfoot, Willowpelt, and Robinwing. Former medicine cat of Thunderclan. Killed by Clawface, when defending the nursery.
Firestar : Current leader of Thunderclan, son of Jake, brother of Princess, half brother of Scourge,Socks and Ruby, uncle of Cloudtail, mate of Sandstorm, father of Leafpool and Squirrelflight, best friend of Graystripe.
Graystripe : Son of Willowpelt and Patchpelt, half brother of Darkstripe, Longtail, Sootfur, Rainwhisker, and Sorreltail, former mate of Silverstream, current mate of Millie, father of Feathertail,Stormfur, Blossomfall,Briarlight and Bumblestripe, best friend of Firestar, former deputy of Thunderclan.
Ravenpaw : Son of Fuzzypelt and Robinwing, brother of Dustpelt, Brindleface, and Frostfur, half brother of Longtail, former apprentice of Thunderclan, Ravenpaw was going to live with Barley on the farm, because of the secret he knew about Tigerstar killing Redtail, could be his death.
Mousefur : Daughter of One-eye and Halftail, sister of Runningwind.
Cinderpelt : Daughter of Frostfur, sister of Brackenfur,Thornclaw and Brightheart, former medicine cat of Thunderclan. Killed by a badger when risking her life to defend Sorreltail.
Leafpool : Daughter of Firestar and Sandstorm, sister of Squirrelflight, former mate of Crowfeather, mother of Jayfeather, Lionblaze and Hollyleaf. Former medicine cat of Thunderclan.
Squirrelflight : Daughter of Firestar and Sandstorm, sister of Leafpool, former mate of Brambleclaw.
Cloudtail : Son of Princess, nephew of Firestar, mate of Brightheart, father of Whitewing.
Crowfeather : Son of Ashfoot, brother of Eaglekit, former mate of Leafpool, current mate of Nightcloud, father of Jayfeather,Lionblaze,Hollyleaf and Breezepelt. One of the chosen cats in The New Prophecy series.
Tigerstar : Son of Pinestar and Leopardfoot, brother of Nightkit and Mistkit, former mate of Goldenflower and Sasha, father of Hawkfrost,Brambleclaw,Tadpole,Mothwing and Tawnypelt. Former deputy of Thunderclan, former leader of Shadowclan, the enemy in The Original series, killed by Scourge.

Phew, if i have any of these descriptions wrong please tell me.
Also here are the ones i like how they came out and i dont like..

Ones i like how they came out:


Ones i dont like how they came out:

Tigerstar (he looks more fat than muscular...)

Anyway, no Leafstar isnt looking cross eyed, it looks like it because the picture is pretty zoomed out.
And also sorry if some cats look blurry or have white lines around them, thats because i just made all cats on different images and than copied and pasted them on this image. If you want any cat in special seeing in its original size please tell me, i got all cats saved so i can post them all apart here.
Cats without a clan icon are loners or kittypets.
Hope you enjoy ;)

Clan icons :iconstarsightsw2007:
Warrior cats Erin Hunter
Art :iconwolfjesyo:
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gtfo that is ugly
just look at cloudtails face
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I play on a warrior cat server and my cat- Darksoul- got leader, so she's Darkstar....
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It's a coincidence that Darkstar is also one of the characters from Warriors then x)
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Thank you! :)
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